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The Lifesavers Club: Video
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In accordance with the Public Health (Coronavirus and COVID-19) (Prevention, Containment and Management) Rules, 2020 published by the Minister of Health, Gula La Asunga Moyo (The Lifesavers Club) was formed in August 2020. The club carries out the Masks for Malawi project activities with the goal of becoming self-sufficient and profitable in order to raise money for the members' school fees (see Charter language below). Until then, the project depends on donations through the GoFundMe account.

Charter of the Lifesavers Club

The Lifesavers Club has been created to support the distribution of soap, masks, and information about COVID-19 to the communities within the catchment areas of Likangala and Makwapala Health Centres in TA Mwambo.

The Lifesavers Club operates under the auspices of Sitima Parish, in support of the public health objectives of the Ministry of Health, and in collaboration with the staff of Likangala and the Makwapala Health Centres, TA Mwambo.

The parents of children who are members of the Lifesavers Club must give written consent for their children to participate in the club's activities.

All of the Lifesavers Club members have committed to following the Club rules listed below:

Rules of the Lifesavers Club:

All members of the Lifesavers Club, will protect themselves and other people from COVID-19 by:

1. Washing hands before meeting people

2. Washing hands after meeting people

3. Washing hands when entering the Lifesavers Club

4. Washing hands when leaving the Lifesavers Club

5. Wearing a mask when in close contact with someone (less than 1 metre)

6. Wearing a mask all the time when inside the Lifesavers Club

7. Wearing a mask all the time when doing Lifesavers Club activities

All members will make a special effort to protect elderly people from COVID-19 by:

8. Wearing a mask when near an elderly person (less than 2 metres)

9. Washing their hands before giving anything to an elderly person

10. Bringing water and firewood to the houses of elderly people and households who need to stay in isolation to protect the rest of their community

All child members of the Lifesavers Club must save 10% of the payments they earn performing club activities within a school fees fund managed by the Lifesavers Club management.

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The Lifesavers Club: Video
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